Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Other Other Red Meat - Penguin

I'm not sure what to make of today's poem about penguin ranching.  Is that a real thing?  I wonder what penguin tastes like?  I'll bet it's a lot gamey and a little fishy.  Have you ever had bonito in a sushi place?  It's the darkest red fish flesh I know of.  It looks like venison.  Don't penguins eat a lot of krill and small cold water fish?  You would think that their meat would be high in those healthy fish oils.  I suppose some people will be aghast at the idea of eating them because they are cute.  Tell that to Bambi.  Anyway ...  I think the ending is strong.  I like its low tone of murmuring menace and conspiracy.

Someday, Timmy,  there will be computing machines that will allow you to access all the knowledge of the world from your home.  Let's say you want to find a location that is dedicated to evil penguins -- it will be there.  What a brave new world it will be.



                   the black & the white

They say penguin ranching
has no future.
They are so wrong.

And there’s no vocation that beats it
on glee alone.

It’s a cornucopia of oxymoronic delight.

Where else can
giddy and slaughter mingle easily
in the same sentence?

the tastiness of beef
the healthfulness of mackerel

name another meat source
that’s really fun to play with
before it’s dead

Here in Tierra del Fuego
where the icy oceans mix it up
the wind speaks, they say, but
I say it just blows

at night
it stirs the ’guins:
                                they murmur          and whisper
                                like disgruntled       civil servants
                                asked to work         through their coffee break

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