Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keyword analysis

I was just looking at some data about visitors to this blog.  One function is called keyword analysis.  That logs the words used to find this site via Google or some other search engine.  Here is the most recent data:

  Num Perc. Search Term
 9 25.00% owl meat
 2 5.56% www.owl meat
 2 5.56% owl meat apocalyse
 2 5.56% meet and f**k my favorite
 2 5.56% owl meat apocrypha
 2 5.56% why so glum chum
 2 5.56% i left my heart in sam clam's disco
 2 5.56% poeme mr owl
 1 2.78% feelin good in the neighborhood
 1 2.78% feeling good in the neighborhood
 1 2.78% sub bourbon
 1 2.78% sam clam's disco
 1 2.78% owl meat gravy
 1 2.78% girl kill chicken
 1 2.78% where does the term dumb pollock come from?
 1 2.78% owl meat blog
 1 2.78% sideways pinot noir monologue
 1 2.78% is owl meat tasty or healthy
 1 2.78% apocrypha meaning tattoos
 1 2.78% www.owl meat apocrypha
 1 2.78% apollo dancing with the muses by francesco bartolozzi
  36 100.00%  

Interesting.  I wish I had more data.  How did "girl kill chicken" get here?  Or "meet and f**k my favorite"?  

Fun with black and white photos

For tomorrow's post on Dining@Large in the Baltimore Sun I started with a black and white photo.  Then I used the heat map function in Picnik to create a color image and manipulated in various ways to create four different versions.  Then I made a collage and tilted it out of frame a little.  

I use different software for image manipulation, including PhotoPlus (a Photoshop knockoff), TiltShift, and Picnik.  Picnik is a free program available at Picnik.Com and is very easy to use.  I even bought the upgraded version.