Monday, December 29, 2008

Clouds got in my way

Suck on this Joni Mitchell.  Well isn't that a great way to start the day?  Our author seems to be able to find menace almost anywhere.  I found an even more angry cloud poem, but that will have to wait.

            The Violence of Clouds

           Shrieking white rips the
           blue. Cirrus-serrated
           gashes acid-sear gouging
           ice-crystal rasp-ripping.  

Cumulus layer on layer blubber-tumbles
havoc, cirrus sprint shredded
slivers of white joint-torn
steel-shard splintered, 
cumulus damning cirrus, lacquers
up the blue, and
                              scars slide off to
                              sight’s horizon.




Laura Lee said...

Owl Meat Gray skies,

By Jove, that's a Rorschach blot of a H-bomb explosion.

Owl Meat said...

I think it looks like me covered in that foam they spray on runways on my new bike.