Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Left My Heart in Sam Clam's Disco

Just when I thought I had really run out of food poems, I found one that seems to be inspired by a pasta package ... and Satan! Originally the two different versions were side by side, but it doesn't fit that way here.  I would like to say that it is just fun and free of any deeper meaning, but you never know. 

Cool photo.  I added some Photoshop effects.  Great, now I'm hungry for clams.  Mmm... Rocco's in Little Italy has a great vongole appetizer.  



                        Linguini 17 Clam Sauce Recipe

In the seaport city of Naples they use fresh clams in this classic White Clam Sauce.  Canned clams make a quick and easy – but still authentic – and delicious variation.
Ronzoni package 

 In Shreveport sin it’s not please            
 thank you it’s flay my flesh crams          
 it in claws slick wit I                                  
 Can’t Cause dem lambs make cake        
 clot an deez evil buts all frantic              
 hands they lash for reason.

In a Sleeze port, sit’n ape the eels they 
flow scram slick through sewers
blames crĂȘche Franta Claws and
Clama Cause pees in deep
Zees but still gawks the takes
bans the fishious vary barely ates them.


Laura Lee said...

Owl Meat Germano's,

I've pretty much given up trying to actually understand this thing because I get nauseated every time I start reading through. Nevertheless, the language is catchy, reminding me a little of Uncle Remus. Also hearing echoes of Kipling's Just So story "How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin":

Them that takes cakes
Which the Parsee-man bakes
Makes dreadful mistakes.

I guess Satan is Santa Claus. At first I thought the recipe might refer to Clams Diablo but that wouldn't be a white sauce.

Owl Meat said...

Satan/Santa? Same letters.

Laura Lee said...

Yeah, you know. Krampus. St. Nick. Old Nick.

Anonymous said...

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