Saturday, January 3, 2009

Heads will roll

Since the lovely alliterative Laura Lee liked the last one, I'm posting another word salad surprise.  Deal with it.  You'll thank me later.

One problem with this blog site is that when you copy text onto it it loses all the formatting.  This next poem was a pain to recreate the formatting.  I'm not sure it matters, but hey, you don't want to piss off a sensitive artist.  The font was too small yesterday.  I fixed it.

    losing our heads (over Cuba)

Ooops! all heads fall off
             passengers seat backs fullupright 
             blood-less detachment with massive
             jerk over Cleve(d)land roiling
             boling a round aisles not properly
             stowed under seats
             and                    nodded off no noggin bodies
                                        snooze on end others flip
                                        through Time Life People
     heads head will roll thanks my
     God to turbulents and rollicky
     tumblepath flight of headless crew

besuited MBA baldly grapplechews 
                pantleg teeth(c)limbing
                to reattach but not attracts
                no attention of bodymate
porcupine haircut w/ stamenthin
‘stache corners stewardess
                                                  in: corner licks off blush
while& she tongues into aisle,
           crew…is…bowling into
          cabindoor but no body heeds
DISNEY®bound vacationeers       MOLECULING 
around in Avoga(u)dry mirth AND     
                a wilted vegetarian a
                lounge singer lock:mouths
    behind the 1st Class bulkhead
make neck-breathing whistlehums 

American Air 321 pinballs the Caribbean
                                                 ignoring the gravity of it all
just displacing entropy with clutter and 
the head          (of an) accountant 
                         unties women’s shoes 
                         tongue and t-t-teeth who-cares




Laura Lee said...

Owl Meat Gulfstreamair,

formatting matters
to reader not the artist
in over his head

Laura Lee said...

When I first read this I didn't know about Finnegans Wake. Sentences/words it doesn't matter where you start or end.

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