Monday, February 11, 2008


                Crazy Tasty!

Compared to Hot Pockets, Spam is damn near a health food.
Ingredients: Pork with Ham, Salt, Water, Modified Potato Starch, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite.

Continuing the theme of processed meat murder, here's a poem from Minnesota poet and architect Brinsley Schwartz.


There is no death as low
as being hammered
with Spam uncanned.

In teams or singly
they beat you wiggly
with that jiggly meat-product,
inflaming the tissue 'til
you’re pain and hot gristle.

Bloated and purpled,
groaning plum out of Hell,
you beg for tenderizing and
steaming like a vegetable.

(c) 1998, Courtesy of the Spam Museum Archives.

                        Spam Museum, Austin, Minnesota

1 comment:

Andrea said...

The natural progression is a spam hot pocket. You know you want it.