Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nick and Nora Go To a Protest

 The dynamic duo of Owl Meat Gravy and gal pal Switchblade Kitty believe that earnestness causes cancer. With that in mind we embarked (late as always, SK!) for Hampden.

Taking our cue from Nick and Nora of the Thin Man movies, we believe that champagne or martinis make every event better and helps you solve crimes.

 Sorry that it took so long to post these, but Blogger won't let me upload photos this week. I had to go through four passes via Flickr. Damn software!

 We arrive at the scene of the crime. Switchblade Kitty with plastic cup of champagne and a bottle of Cook's finest. Because it's not a protest without champagne.

SK posing in front of the comically large display of police presence, five cars. And we're off!

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 Someone has their car decorated with various not-HON logos. 

 Attila the Hon badgering the crowd one by one.

 Bad photo.

 This girl was WAY too serious. More champagne, Switchblade Kitty! Is that the City of Baltimore flag? I don't get it.

 Here comes the best sign.

 Craptastic Hontown window display.

 Here he comes

 Earnest girl in homemade t-shirt etc.

 This guy was really funny. Note how most people are smiling or laughing. I guess I didn't have my John McIntyre curmudgeon lens on.

 Pretty girl smiling with lame sign. John McIntyre, where are the frowny people?

 Parting shot from out getaway car. A successful hit and run protest. Except for earnest homemade t-shirt girl, the crowd was jovial and having a great time on a very cold day. SK and I flee the scene for High Topps in Timonium to watch the Ravens and check out the b/Sun "party". FAIL. The "party" seems to be discounted wings and crap lite beers. Hit and run, baby. And we're off!

 We land at Nacho Mamas in Canton. Check out the menu. Hahahaha! Scunny mocking the whole thing by daring Denise to sue him. Way to go. A perfect end to our first hit and run day of fun.Then it's home to build a blanket fort and smash wine glasses in the fireplace. 

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InsaneBaltimore said...

I'm afraid McIntyre missed that part of the protest. He was busy puking his third pancake.

The Baltimore Chop said...

Just realized today that my blog was friends with Denise Whiting on facebook. Oops. No longer, hon.

Owl Meat said...

Ha ha! Clearly the photos show people to be happy and having fun. I don't know why he's risking his credibility to pimp for Denise.

Stacey H said...

I'm the 'earnest' girl in the homemade t-shirt and I would just like to say that you made my day. This blog is hillarious!
Wonderful photos by the way.

PS- I don't know why on earth people thought we were 'sullen' that day. We were having a blast!