Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another example of Picnik.Com photo manipulation

Below are the source photo and the result of it being manipulated in  Picnik is really easy to use.

I think that I cropped it, used Autofix, and then the Invert effect but chose the hue instead of using the default actual color inversion.  I just slide the button around until I found something that worked best for me. My intention was to change it to something less realistic to emphasize the symbolic nature of the image.  I think that before I inverted the colors I used tghe Vibrance effect to give greater contrast to the whitish foam against he white background.  It worked really well.

The second photo was used for my guest column on the Baltimore Sun's bar and nightlife blog Midnight Sun.


Anonymous said...


Just read you stinky post on D@L. Gotta ask what restaurant the encounter with the young guy occured at....I certainly don't wanna be that guy...but clues suggest it...and id like to defend myself....please....

Anonymous said...

The treated photo looks very sixties.